“EmpInfo is like a virtual headcount for us since it relieves pressure for HR and Payroll staff. I have implemented EmpInfo at a few of my previous companies including VitalConnect & Fortinet. I will take them whereever I go in the future. Our employees like it from the ease-of-use & privacy standpoint.”


Vice President, Human Resources at VitalConnect

“EmpInfo was easy to implement and the ability to customize to suit our employees’ demographics. No other vendors matched the level of data security that EmpInfo offers. We are very pleased with the people and their solution!”


VP of HR @ Shakey's USA Inc

Why EmpInfo

Prior to developing EmpInfo, we immersed ourselves with employers, discovering what they wanted in an improved employment verification process.

What was keeping employers up at night was their concern for security and compliance. In addition, they wanted an automated solution to be:

  1. User friendly.
  2. Modern & built on current technology, unlike current antiquated and decades-old legacy systems.
  3. A rich web applications that supports mobile.
  4. Flexible to accommodate the variety and diversity of employer needs.

We decided to re-invent the automated verification process and built EmpInfo from the ground up. Our foundation is a pioneering Amazon cloud platform that expertly handles all the critical functions such as scalability, security, backup, and availability (including disaster recovery). Amazon’s world-class physical and network security means your data is always safe from malicious attackers.

With Amazon’s economies of scale come costs that are drastically reduced compared to our competitors – savings we pass on in the form of dramatically lower fees to anyone seeking to verify income and employment data.

Secondly, we designed EmpInfo for flexibility and speed – something very difficult for entrenched industry players to match. The result is a very user-friendly interface that is rich and universally accessible:

  1. Intuitive mobile interface, available anytime, anywhere
  2. Scalable and secure (multi level authorization) cloud based platform
  3. Flexibility and rich interfaces from modern technology stack
  4. Fastest integration
  5. Rich analytics for employers
  6. Lowest cost to verifiers – typical savings of 40%
  7. Fastest approvals for employee requests

Today, EmpInfo users don’t have to dread the employment verification process. Our easy to use authorizations are offered via web, mobile device and voice (IVR) channels that provide instant responses to verifiers. That means fast employment verifications, rapid mortgage approvals, and happier employees.

Finally, EmpInfo makes full compliance with FCRA regulations a snap. Maybe that’s why HR Executives are sleeping a little more soundly at night.