We are

Humble. Honest. Hardworking.

EmpInfo is the trusted source for Employment & Income information. Our mission is to establish trust between verifiers and employers. We provide a secure platform to share information accurately and instantly for the benefit of the consumers. We do not compromise on security and privacy.

Our Values & Principles

We are Innovators & Resilient

We’re obsessed with ongoing innovation.  We continue to resolve challenges, lead in the industry, and grow. Resilience is in our DNA and we never give up.

We Value Relationship

We listen to our customers and employees so we can address their needs, and always treat them with dignity and respect.

We are Professionals

We are experts in what we do. We demonstrate authority through domain knowledge. We are easy to work with.

We are Focused to Deliver

We are laser-focused to deliver what we’ve committed in every aspect of our business to achieve our customer’s goals. We always put customers first.

We are on a Journey to Succeed

We measure our success and growth by making every customer successful in their mission.  We live for our customers, and we will never let them down.

We are Genuine

Our team is honest and sincere. We operate with high integrity and full transparency. We don’t have hidden agendas, and don’t beat around the bush.

Our Leadership


Founder & CEO

Anir Pradhan


Arbie Nersisian


Ravindar Roopreddy


Iyad Darcazallie

EVP, Corporate Development

Our Investors

Our Advisors

Gary Swart

Evan Wittenberg

BV Jagadeesh

Brad Pennington

Jayson Saba


Gianna Jackson

Dev Kurbur

Rajesh Bhat

Anju Patwardhan