Employment Verifications is now as easy as 1-2-3

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Your history for your future and you are in control

Your lender or tenant screening manager or social benefits processor are now able to verify your employment and income details, accurately & instantly to expedite the processing of your application. No more delay in getting your application processed by background check companies when you apply for a job. Now, no one can access your income information without your approval. Your employment & income history is for your future and you are in control. You will continue to have access to your employment information from current or former employer, regardless of the state of the company.

How does it help me?

Now there is a better way to provide your proof of your employment and income, anytime from anywhere and 24x7.

  1. Ask the requester to visit: www.empinfo.com
  2. Provide your Employer’s Name and your Social Security Number
  3. (Optional) Provide Authorization Code, if the Verification requires your earnings information

You could generate the Authorization Code either on the internet or by phone:

Quicker Processing

Greatly benefits employees by eliminating wait times for your employer to complete an employment or employment & income verifications for jobs, tenant screening, loan/mortgage and other social service benefits.


Ability to see your employment and income information for accuracy and address discrepancies, if any, from current employer and previous employers avoids any unexpected outcome that might affect their life.


Increases employee’s privacy since you control information being released to authenticated verifiers. Employees are able to view who accessed their information and when and for what purpose. Protects employee’s Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) consumer rights by providing them direct control for whom to release their income information & problem resolution.

Notifications and Alert

Instant notifications and alert messages are sent via email and/or text messages via mobile phone (only when opted-in) helps employees monitor all activity in real-time.

We are fully compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). For employees whose employers are participating in the EmpInfo platform, we will provide upon request, one free employment and/or income verification report, containing background and employment information, every 12 months. Your employment data is also available immediately online. Just log in to WWW.EMPINFO.COM and enter your login information. Or, if you’d prefer, you can request the report by calling our toll-free number 800-274-9694. Any way you choose, obtaining your free report is easy and streamlined through our services.

Upon reviewing the information we have at EmpInfo, if you believe that any information about you is incorrect, you can contact your employer to notify and request them to correct. If you choose, we can block access to your information during any period of dispute or investigation. You also are in control to block access by either one of the following:

  1. Login to your account online at WWW.EMPINFO.COM to block access if you have created an online employee account at EmpInfo. OR
  2. Call our toll free number 800-274-9694 and request to block access to your information upon providing sufficient proof to authenticate your identity.